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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located in Des Moines, Iowa at 2165 N.W. 108th St. and have been in business since 1980.

Where can I get references regarding your service and quality?

We are very proud to provide you with references from our list of thousands of satisfied automotive customers gained in the past 32 years. Please go to the CONTACT US page and send an email to your Account Manager or to the general sales email address on the page. A CST representative will quickly respond to your inquiry. Additionally CST is an accredited Better Business Bureau (BBB) business.

What is your refund policy?

Any order may be cancelled prior to shipment and can be cancelled without cost. Our standard refund policy is 30 days, with a 25% restocking fee. In all cases we will work with you to make the best business decision for all parties involved.

Do you sell NEW products as well?

Yes, CST can deliver NEW equipment depending on the DMS/DSP vendor and the type of IT product you request.

My vendor says it is wrong to purchase refurbished equipment or that it will not be eligible for a maintenance contract?

Of course they do, because they do not get paid when you purchase refurbished equipment. Imagine the automobile industry if it took the same stance as the DMS/DSP vendors? A quality pre-owned vehicle is no different than a quality refurbished computer peripheral. We have developed a rigorous testing and quality assurance process to thoroughly refurbish our equipment and we take great pride in the products we deliver.

What is the difference between Combined Systems Technology’s equipment and the DMS/DSP products?

First, the products CST provides are EXACTLY the same as the products supplied by the DMS/DSP application vendors. We purchase most of our equipment from automotive dealers like you. Second, our products are covered by a CST 90-day advanced replacement warranty and are not required to put under a maintenance contract. Finally, CST is significantly less expensive and we can normally deliver our refurbished & new products the next day.

Explain your warranty:

We offer a 90-day advanced replacement warranty. In the unlikely event of a failure, contact your CST product manager to arrange for a warranty RMA unit. We'll need the printer serial number to start the replacement process. Simply replace your non-working unit with the advanced replacement warranty unit and then return the bad unit to CST.

When will my order ship?

Most items ship within 24 hours of receipt of your order. Any deviation from this will be listed on the order, or you will be contacted with a ship date .

Why should I buy from you instead of eBay?

Simply put – because you can trust us. There are a lot of trustworthy individuals selling products on eBay and it can be a great source for certain items such as collectables. But eBay is not the place for companies to be purchasing IT products. There are payment concerns, potential tax implications, post sale problems, software licensing issues and many other potential potholes that can disrupt your business. We are experts at what we do and in most cases have better pricing and value than those found on eBay. Many sellers on eBay will sell IT equipment with questionable quality and offering little or no warranty support. CST stands behind the products that we sell, offering reliable support.

I have a question that is not listed.

Feel free to contact us at 800-944-2966 or info@cst4dealers.com